Supply Chain Management

Today's commodity market end-users are moving ever closer to understanding their supply base. Transparency and traceability are increasingly important and have altered risk exposure. New challenges arise as we get closer to the source of raw materials and the shifting challenges it brings into the supply chain.

BGT deconstructs the entire supply chain starting when coffee is still on the tree. Our team's combined 75 years of experience includes management of both wet and dry mills on three continents. We are experts in the requirements of every stage of the quality process. We translate this expertise to bring a different perspective of the supply chain.

Tangible and intangible costs are always part of any new supply chain. However BGT analyzes storage, transport and shipping costs, and effectively negotiates both short and long term freight deals. We create leverage for volume and avoid price increases from the volatile oil markets. Our representation includes advisement on the best customs clearance, full documentation review and anticipation of handling issues. BGT is then able to incorporate just-in-time deliveries, lower inventory costs and increase profitability. Our depth of work in the United States and Europe allows us to engage all major warehouses and transport companies to maximize economies of scale and ensure the lowest possible costs. Our work is equally divided between major roasters and end-users to improve their coffee flows and provide a hands-on evaluation of production methods and finished good inventory management.